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  • How Long Does a Guardianship Last?

    Timeline for Guardianship in Florida

    As your loved one’s legal guardian, it is important to understand the time limits on your ability to serve as their surrogate decision-maker. The timeline may be different depending on the age and status of the person you are charged with caring for, as well as the type of guardianship you have been given.

    Guardianship over a minor typically lasts until the child in question reaches 18 years of age, the child’s assets are gone, or a judge determines that the current guardianship arrangement is either unnecessary or not beneficial to the child.

    Guardianship over an aging or incapacitated adult is also open-ended and typically lasts until the guardian or the ward dies or a judge determines that the guardianship arrangement is not necessary or beneficial to the ward.

    Guardianship Lawyer in St. Petersburg

    Are you looking to establish guardianship over an aging adult or another family member? Do you need to make changes to your existing guardianship arrangement? Are you unsure what falls within your sphere of responsibility as a guardian? At Finley Williams Law, PA, we can help and answer all of your Florida guardianship questions.

    Connect with a member of our team today to schedule a free consultation with a St. Petersburg elder law attorney.

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