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    Watch Out for These Potential Problems with Life Estates

    Life estates can be an excellent tool for Medicaid planning, probate avoidance and tax efficiency, but there are potential problems to look out for. 

    5 Ways Your Will Can Become Useless, Or Close to It

    Is having an out-of-date will better than having no will at all?  While wills do not have expiration dates, certain changes can render them useless.

    How to Divide Up Personal Possessions Without Dividing the Family

    Allocating your personal possessions can be one of the most difficult tasks when creating an estate plan. To avoid family feuds after you are gone, it is important to have a plan and make your wishes clear.  

    What to Do If You Are Appointed Guardian of an Older Adult

    Being appointed guardian of a loved one is a serious responsibility. As guardian, you are in charge of your loved one’s well-being and you have a duty to act in his or her best interest.  

    Understanding the Differences Between a Living Trust and an Irrevocable Trust

    Before you commit to adding a trust to your estate plan, make sure you understand the differences between revocable (also called “living”) and irrevocable trusts because each offers advantages and disadvantages, depending on their purpose. 

    Online Survey Helps Older Adults Assess Their Vulnerability for Financial Exploitation

    All older Americans are vulnerable to financial abuse, but there are circumstances that make someone more likely to be scammed. An online survey can help older adults assess their risk of being exploited based on how they make financial decisions. 

    Non-Borrowing Spouses of Reverse Mortgage Holders Receive Expanded Protections

    The government has expanded access to protections for spouses of reverse mortgage holders who are not named in the loan document, allowing more such spouses the ability to stay in their home if the borrowing spouse dies or moves to a care facility. 

    Preserving the Family Vacation Home for Generations to Come

    Summer is winding down and if you are one of the lucky ones, you got to spend some time at a family vacation home. How do you make sure your children and grandchildren can enjoy that second home as much as you did?

    Britney Spears Case Puts Renewed Focus on Guardianships and Less Restrictive Alternatives

    Britney Spears’s struggle to regain control over her business and personal life shines a spotlight on legal guardianship and alternatives that involve less loss of control over one’s life.

    Medicaid’s Home Care Waivers Can Help You Avoid a Nursing Home, But the Line May Be Long

    The federal government can grant “waivers” to states allowing them to expand Medicaid to include home and community-based services. The downside is that states can limit home care and the wait can be long.  

    How an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Can Be Used to Avoid or Reduce the Estate Tax

    With the federal estate tax exemption possibly about to be lowered, it may be time to think about steps you can take to keep your estate from being taxed. An irrevocable life insurance trust could be the answer. 

    Make Sure Your Estate Plan and Other Essential Documents Are Safe from Disasters

    In the event you lose your house in a natural disaster or through another calamity, it is important that your estate planning and other important documents are beyond reach and easily retrievable. 

    How You Can End Up in Medicare’s Donut Hole, and How You Get Out

    Medicare prescription drug plans can have a coverage gap—called the “donut hole”–which limits how much Medicare will pay for your drugs until you pay a certain amount out of pocket.

    IRS Announces That Face Masks and Related Purchases Are Tax Deductible

    The IRS has announced that the tax deduction for medical expenses includes amounts spent on face masks, sanitizer and other products purchased to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

    Younger Adults Now More Likely to Have a Will, According to Survey

    A new survey has found that motivated in part by the coronavirus pandemic, younger adults are now more likely to have a will than middle-aged adults. Nevertheless, the overall percentage of Americans with a will has dropped over the past several years.  

    Our St. Petersburg Office Has Moved!

    We wanted to share some exciting news … we’ve moved our St. Petersburg office! Our new address is: 111 Second Avenue NE,…

    The Film ‘I Care a Lot’ Highlights Vulnerabilities in the Guardianship System

    Netflix’s popular new movie, I Care a Lot, is far-fetched in a lot of ways, but it does highlight some real weaknesses…

    A Florida Estate Planning Attorney’s Take on ‘Framing Britney Spears’

    The public has become fascinated with the details revealed in “Framing Britney Spears”, a documentary by The New York Times. We have…

    Case Study: What happens if I have no friends or family to care for me when I get older?

    Video about what to do if you have no friends or family to care for you when you get older.

    Florida Legalizes Electronic Wills

    In some of the biggest estate planning news Florida has had in a while, electronic wills are now slated to become legal in the state on January 1st, 2020. An electronic will functions just like a traditional will except it is created, edited, signed, and authorized electronically, as the name implies.

    What is the Average Cost of Probate?

    Without an estate plan or a fully funded revocable living trust, your loved ones will have to probate either all or a…

    How Should I Prepare Prior to Seeing a Probate Attorney?

    Being prepared is a good rule of thumb for everything we do, including a consultation with a probate attorney. When you prepare…

    Is it Possible to Avoid or Minimize Probate?

    If you are trying to avoid or minimize probate, there are a few ways to go about this, depending on your specific…

    When Is a Guardianship Necessary?

    In the state of Florida, it is legal to apply for guardianship of a minor or an incapacitated adult. However, knowing when a guardianship is…

    How Long Does a Guardianship Last?

    Timeline for Guardianship in Florida As your loved one’s legal guardian, it is important to understand the time limits on your ability…

    Do I Need a Lawyer When Applying for Medicaid Benefits for Nursing Home Care?

    Proving the Medical Necessity of Nursing Home Care If you are a Florida resident, you may be able to receive Medicaid benefits…

    Veterans Disability Benefits Attorney

    Proudly Serving Veterans in Florida The brave men and women who have dedicated their lives in service of our country deserve the…

    Do We Need to Go Through Probate If There Is a Valid & Non-Contested Will?

    Executing a Last Will & Testament before you pass away is a responsible thing to do. Having a valid Will make it…

    Am I Responsible for My Deceased Parent or Spouse’s Bills?

    Losing a loved one is always devasting, especially when it is a parent or spouse. Not only do you have to deal…

    Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

    Can I Transfer Assets to My Children to Qualify for Medicaid Before Moving into a Nursing Home? Under current Medicaid regulations you…

    Guardianship of Incapacitated Family Members

    Establishing Guardianship in Florida In the state of Florida, guardianship means managing the affairs of a person who cannot do so on…

    Is Guardianship Permanent?

    Guardianship of an elder, minor, or incapacitated adult is an important legal process that helps make certain that a person’s needs are met when they lack…

    Medicaid and Nursing Home Costs

    Medicaid planning is one of the most specialized and detailed fields in elder care. Knowing how to filter income and assets through this…

    Applying for Guardianship of an Incapacitated Adult

    Knowing how to take care of your aging or disabled loved ones can be complicated, especially where the law is concerned. From estate…

    What You Need to Know About Disability Planning

    When it comes to planning for the future of you and your loved ones, there are a lot of loose ends that…

    Can You Use Medicaid for Long Term Care Nursing Home Costs?

    As people get older, their care needs increase exponentially, especially when they need long-term care such as assisted living or nursing home…

    The Important Difference Between Guardianship & Power of Attorney

    One of the most important aspects of elder law is determining who will take control over someone’s affairs when that person loses…

    New Medicare Card

    If you are covered under Medicare, you will be receiving a new Medicare card in the mail soon. In order to prevent fraud…

    Discussing Key Issues with Elderly Loved Ones this Holiday Season

    Holiday family gatherings are often one of the few times the whole family can be together throughout the year. This time to…

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