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  • PACT Act for Veterans Exposed to Toxins Passes!

    The PACT Act, passed by the House and Senate and recently signed by President Biden, finally addresses the illnesses related to toxic exposure during military service. The passage of the PACT act confirms the nexus between exposure and military service, opening up Health Care and VA Disability benefits to those that previously were unable to prove a service connection between a health care issue and military service.  

    The act expands VA Health Care to all veterans who were exposed to toxic conditions and creates a presumptive service-related connection for veterans suffering from 23 different illnesses related to toxic exposure. Along with the combat veterans exposed in Afghanistan, the act expands presumptions related to Agent Orange adding Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, American Samoa and Johnston Atoll as locations of exposure. There are an estimated 3.5 million toxic exposed veterans who prior to this act were denied access to care for toxic exposure.   The act also will fund expanded research into toxic exposure, provide toxic related exposure education and training for VA health care personnel, and offer every veteran a toxic exposure screening during VA medical appointments where toxic exposure might be a factor.  

    Our office is honored to help veterans obtain the VA disability benefits they are entitled to. If you have been denied for your service connected disability, give us a call today for a free consultation. Our services are at no cost to veterans. The VA pays us directly for our services when we win your appeal for disability benefits.