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  • Hidden Risks of Disinheriting Relatives

    When fashion designer L’Wren Scott died, she left her $9 million estate to her boyfriend, Mick Jagger. She left nothing to her siblings. In her will, the fashion designer left all of her belongings and property to Mick Jagger. The will specifically stated that she was intentionally omitting any other heirs, including her estranged siblings.

    Disinheriting a relative is not a simple process. Fights often break out between loved ones when someone is left out of a will. In Florida, siblings have the right to inherit from each other under Florida’s intestate statute. But even if siblings did not have the right to inherit, failing to even mention next of kin out of an estate plan could make them angry and more likely to contest the will. Squabbles over wills can drag on for years and prevent your heirs from receiving their inheritance until the disputes are resolved by the court.

    If you want to disinherit a relative, the best thing to do is be clear about your intention in your will or trust. It is also important to understand how your state treats disinheritance. Even if your estate is less than $9 million, you will benefit from the services of an attorney. The attorney can guide you through the steps  to disinherit relatives. 

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