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    The Hazards of Do-it-Yourself Estate Planning

    Many websites offer customized, do-it-yourself wills and other estate planning documents.  Although these products are convenient, using them could create serious and expensive legal problems for heirs. 

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    How to Create an Estate Plan That Includes Your Pet

    Pets are members of the family, so it is important to consider how to provide for them in your estate plan just as you would the human family members. 

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    Couple Makes Basic Planning Error and Loses Life Savings

    A Pennsylvania couple may have lost their life savings by making a fundamental estate planning mistake.

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    How to Deal With Student Loan Debt as You Age

    The number of older Americans with student loan debt – either theirs or someone else’s — is growing. Sadly, learning how to deal with this debt is now a fact of life for many seniors heading into retirement.

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    Be Careful Not to Name Minors as Your Beneficiaries

    Most people want to pass their assets to their children or grandchildren, but naming a minor as a beneficiary can have unintended consequences. It is important to make a plan that doesn’t involve leaving assets directly to a minor.  

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    May Someone With Dementia Sign a Will?

    Millions of people are affected by dementia, and unfortunately many of them do not have all their estate planning affairs in order before the symptoms start. 

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    Will Giving Estate to Mick Jagger Is Reminder of Risks of Disinheriting Relatives

    When fashion designer L’Wren Scott committed suicide, she left her entire estate to her boyfriend, Mick Jagger, instead of to her sister or brother.

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    Estate Planning Is All About Love

    Estate planning truly is all about LOVE. When you make a plan for your future and your family’s future, you are showing how much you love them by ensuring that issues with incapacity or death are already planned for. You are showing your love by easing fears surrounding how to care for you when you age. You are showing love by providing guidance on your wishes surrounding end-of-life care and how you want your estate to be distributed. You are showing love by removing the burden that is often felt when someone becomes incapacitated or dies without leaving a clear estate plan. 

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    Four Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Digital Estate

    While the internet makes our lives more convenient, it also adds new complications.  For example, what happens to all our online data and assets if we become disabled or die?

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    Medicaid’s Coverage of Nursing Home Care

    For better and for worse, Medicaid is the primary method of paying for nursing home care in the United States. But navigating the Medicaid system is complicated and confusing. Here are the basics. 

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