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    Online Survey Helps Older Adults Assess Their Vulnerability for Financial Exploitation

    All older Americans are vulnerable to financial abuse, but there are circumstances that make someone more likely to be scammed. An online survey can help older adults assess their risk of being exploited based on how they make financial decisions. 

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    Britney Spears Case Puts Renewed Focus on Guardianships and Less Restrictive Alternatives

    Britney Spears’s struggle to regain control over her business and personal life shines a spotlight on legal guardianship and alternatives that involve less loss of control over one’s life.

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    The Film ‘I Care a Lot’ Highlights Vulnerabilities in the Guardianship System

    Netflix’s popular new movie, I Care a Lot, is far-fetched in a lot of ways, but it does highlight some real weaknesses in the guardianship system in certain states in our country that make it possible for an unscrupulous guardian […]

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    A Florida Estate Planning Attorney’s Take on ‘Framing Britney Spears’

    The public has become fascinated with the details revealed in “Framing Britney Spears”, a documentary by The New York Times. We have been getting questions from concerned fans regarding conservatorships (known as guardianships in Florida) and estate planning, the unique […]

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