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    Marriage Planning in St. Petersburg & Lakewood Ranch, Fl

    Discuss Your Marriage Planning Options with Finley Williams Law, PA

    Marriage planning is an important element of estate planning. Whether you are about to be married, are married for the first time, or are preparing for a second or third marriage, it’s wise to discuss your situation with a St. Petersburg estate planning attorney. Regardless of the circumstances, there are many complex issues that can arise when it comes to creating a legal marriage plan. At Finley Williams Law, PA, we assist clients throughout St. Petersburg, Lakewood Ranch and the Tampa Bay Area, offering personalized, one-on-one counsel for married couples. We can help you ensure that your estate is protected and that your assets are divided according to your and your spouse’s wishes.

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    What Is Covered in Marriage Planning?

    When two individuals marry, many of their assets become “shared assets” in the eyes of the law. In other words, any property, real estate, income, or other assets that are acquired during the time of the marriage become the legal property of both spouses. This, in turn, affects any estate plans that are already in place and can alter how future estate plans are created.

    In many instances, an estate plan between two married individuals can become more complicated by the existence of children from previous marriages, former spouses, separate real property, businesses owned by only one spouse, and more. Even without these complex issues, creating an estate plan as a married person requires many decisions and cooperation between the two spouses.

    Estate Planning

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    At Finley Williams Law, PA, we can assist you with the following marriage planning matters:

    • Establishing a guardian for your children
    • Determining how assets will be divided amongst children
    • Appointing an administrator of the estate
    • Whether or not certain assets will be bequeathed to certain individuals
    • How shared property will be transferred
    • How separate property will be divided
    • Avoiding probate and transfer or property outside of probate
    • Healthcare planning and special needs

    An estate plan that includes solid marriage planning is essential if you wish to protect your assets, your spouse, and your children. Our firm can help you determine the right solution for your unique situation.

    Give our St. Petersburg & Lakewood Ranch estate planning attorney a call at (727) 280-6837 to learn more about marriage planning.

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