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    Am I Responsible for My Deceased Parent or Spouse’s Bills?

    Losing a loved one is always devasting, especially when it is a parent or spouse. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional stress of death, but you must also consider the stress of dealing with your loved […]

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    Transferring Assets to Qualify for Medicaid

    Can I Transfer Assets to My Children to Qualify for Medicaid Before Moving into a Nursing Home? Under current Medicaid regulations you may be unable to access Florida Medicaid benefits for nursing home or assisted living care if you have […]

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    Guardianship of Incapacitated Family Members

    Establishing Guardianship in Florida In the state of Florida, guardianship means managing the affairs of a person who cannot do so on their own behalf. A legally appointed guardian is tasked with determining what is in the best interest of […]

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    Is Guardianship Permanent?

    Guardianship of an elder, minor, or incapacitated adult is an important legal process that helps make certain that a person’s needs are met when they lack capacity to meet their own needs. The person who is appointed by the court to take care of […]

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    Medicaid and Nursing Home Costs

    Medicaid planning is one of the most specialized and detailed fields in elder care. Knowing how to filter income and assets through this system is paramount when planning for the long-term care of a loved one. This is why people frequently […]

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    Applying for Guardianship of an Incapacitated Adult

    Knowing how to take care of your aging or disabled loved ones can be complicated, especially where the law is concerned. From estate planning to Medicaid, it is important to have a trusted attorney on your side to help you navigate through these […]

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    What You Need to Know About Disability Planning

    When it comes to planning for the future of you and your loved ones, there are a lot of loose ends that must be followed up on. One thing that many people don’t spend enough time planning for is the […]

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    Can You Use Medicaid for Long Term Care Nursing Home Costs?

    As people get older, their care needs increase exponentially, especially when they need long-term care such as assisted living or nursing home services. Many people believe that Medicare will cover the cost of nursing home or assisted living facility care. […]

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    The Important Difference Between Guardianship & Power of Attorney

    One of the most important aspects of elder law is determining who will take control over someone’s affairs when that person loses the ability to express their wishes or make decisions for themselves. There are two ways people pursue this: guardianship and powers […]

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    New Medicare Card

    If you are covered under Medicare, you will be receiving a new Medicare card in the mail soon. In order to prevent fraud and identity theft, Medicare will be removing Social Security Numbers from Medicare cards. In place of your Social […]

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